change – hands on advice for effecting change in your organisation

You know the situation: the last change has just been implemented, but the next change is already on the horizon. You are probably thinking “hopefully this time we are going to do it better…”.

Even though there are certain patterns when change occurs, each change is new, different and unique. Because each organisation has its individual values, culture and history for effecting change. In order to shape and sustain change in organisations, it requires the right balance of “leadership & structure” as well as “dialogue & participation”.

c hochdrei helps you navigate every aspect of your journey of change – with heart and mind, using

  • Developing Change Roadmaps & Stories
  • Designing and Implementing Change Interventions
  • Facilitating Change Impact Analysis and Change Temperature Checks
  • Training Change Agents and Leadership Teams

In doing that, c hochdrei works hand in hand with your people – to ensure greater success, effectiveness and sustainability of change within your organisation.