coaching – inspiration for your personal and team development

In your role as a leader, it could be you are facing a new challenge or that your team is not performing well. You see that something has to change, but don’t know where to begin.   

Each person, each team needs structure, inspiration and appreciation. If one of these factors is lacking, people start feeling dissatisfied and teams can become dysfunctional. This is the point, when a checkup will help, by evaluating your status quo, reflecting what should be different and committing to actions for developing further.

c hochdrei can provide the inspiriation and advice to enable you to take action and improve your situation, by

  • Coaching Project Managers and Leaders, e.g. in new roles and for leading transformations
  • Designing and facilitating Team Reflections and Workshops
  • Implementing development activities for individuals or teams (e.g. based on MBTI®, Belbin, CTT)
  • Design and delivery of Skills & Behaviours Training

In doing that, c hochdrei works in partnership with you to enhance satisfaction and motivation in your professional context.