Recommended reading and inspiring material

Knowledge expands, if you share it. Please find a selection of information, resources and links regarding  change, coaching und communication:

Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) –

More information regarding Richard Barrett’s approach, and the opportunity to take your free „Personal Values Assessment (PVA)“

The CTT Simple Show –

Making values and culture visible, measurable and and starting a dialogue – a short explanation:

Get connected –

a tool-box for developing a desired team culture -  „free resource“ in English and in German 

The Dynamics of Change –

a comprehensive Change Book with lots of practical tips, interventions and checklists  –„free resource“ in English

New Management

The Digital Transformation requires new methods for Management and developing organisations. Marcus Sassenrath explains in his book all relevant tools for a successful Digital Transformation. With illustrations of Heike Heeg, c hochdrei.