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Open Workshops – Upcoming Dates:

25 March 2019, Gründau (near Frankfurt)
Pimp your Flip - Visualisation Workshop

6 - 10 May  / 22 - 26.September 2019, Greve in Chianti, Italy
Barrett Academy Mastery Workshops - Living your soul's destiny

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28 October 2019, Frankfurt/Main

Inhouse Workshops

„Fit for Change“ – The “hands-on” Workshop for leaders, project teams and change agents

„Fit for Change“ is designed for leaders, project teams and change agents that want to get ready for their specific change challenge.  

We strengthen your ability to take leadership in change and shape your change process. We create a joint understanding around “change”, evaluate your particular challenges and develop with you a pragmatic approach for your change journey.  In a 2 + 1 format, we ensure the practical application and that you can fuel your change right after the workshop.

For more „Fitness in change“!

„Pimp your Flip“ – The „creative“ workshop for “Wow-Effect” flip charts

„Pimp your Flip“ is designed for all people that want to create attractive and creative flip charts.

In a fun working atmosphere, you will learn key tricks, tools and techniques to make the most out of your flip chart presentation. You will learn all the basics and test materials for creating great visuals on flip chart.  We will practice a lot and share ideas, you can bring along a topic and work on your individual project. Each participant will be able to find his or her own style for working visually – and to get you started right after the workshop you will receive a “starter-kit”. 

For individual flip charts with “Wow-Effect”

„How do I tick, how do you tick?“ – The team workshop for successful cooperation

The workshop „How do I tick, how do you tick?” is designed for all teams that aim to improve their performance and way of working.   

MBTI® – these four letters stand for Myers-Briggs Typenindikator. Based on the MBTI® all participants get the chance to reflect typical behaviours in their team setting. The aim of this workshop is to become more aware of typical reactions of yourself and others. In self-reflection and exchange with others, we will identify how you can improve your team performance. Typical scenarios such as decision making, dealing with conflict or change and communicating effectively will provide interesting insights and “eye openers”.

For a great team performance and cooperation.