communication – new ways for lively dialogue and communication in your organisation

You sense that communication in your organisation is not meeting everyone’s expectations. Information appears to be filtered and open dialogue is only happening in coffee corners – with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Taking small steps to change the way you communicate, will have an amazing impact. More visualization for creating dynamic and effective meetings. Dialogue with room for ideas, knowledge sharing and genuine participation, instead of pure top down information. Leaders that enjoy being a role model for communication, instead of considering it a duty.  

c hochdrei supports you to change your communication behavior and style, for example by

  • Facilitating meetings and workshops with Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording
  • Designing state of the art formats for communication and dialogue (e.g. World Café, Collaboration Labs, Open Space)
  • Analysing stakeholders and target audiences
  • Developing communication strategies

In doing that, we jointly decide what „feels right“ for you – for more information and lively dialogue in your organisation.